We became interested in caring for the stray cats of Milos in 1986 when we saw the poor state of health the strays were in and the appalling way they we treated when the community considered the cats were too numerous and allowed poison to be put down to combat the growing numbers of felines.

We approached Hellenic Animal Welfare in Athens to simply complain about the treatment of the cats after a visit to the police station in Milos where we told there was no law against the poisoning of street cats. Hellenic Animal Welfare said differently and cited a newly introduced law protecting street animals. They also suggested we became their 'agents' against animal cruelty in Milos.

We willingly agreed and within a year had our first visit from their vets to start a sterilization program on the island. The first veterinary visits were very small efforts compared to the sixty to eighty plus cats we do in a three day visit by vets now. Then, if we managed to sterilize twenty in three days we thought we had achieved a great success. As the years went on we became more adept at catching wild cats and making the veterinary visits more efficient. With the help of specific donations from major charities we purchased the right traps and squeeze and hospital cages.

We now have all the correct equipment to make a three or four day visit by veterinarians an efficient exercise. We even have a set of surgical instruments in case a vet appears who may be on holiday and offers to help, which happens occasionally. Naturally on organized visits instruments and mobile sterilizers come with the team from Greek Animal Welfare Fund.