Many people adopt stray cats and as long as the cat is willing to be caught there is good chance that it will take to living alongside us quite happily. Many feral cats are difficult to catch and should be left alone, if the cat comes willingly to be fed and is happy to let you fuss and stroke it then there is a chance it will become domesticated quite easily and could be a good pet for the family. It will probably not take to living inside a house for quite a time and prefer the independence of your garden whilst enjoying the comforts of your company and regular food – and water.

A dog really depends wholly on humans for a home and there is always a stray that wants and appreciates a good home. Remember, a dog is for life not just for a few months which is probably how many stray dogs start their lives, discarded from a home that no longer wants them. We have a strict code if we are involved in adoptions and that is first to be sure that the home is right for the dog and of course the dog is right for the home. A huge dog in a small apartment is not practical unless it gets long walks daily. No dog should be left alone for days, it is cruel particularly if they are chained and left without food for long periods. They, like many cats are sociable animals and like regular company of we humans.

So before you adopt either feline or canine think about the kind of life you are going to give it and plan to keep your new pet for years not months. Both also need regular treatment for worms and other small animals that make their homes in the fur of our four legged friends.