Milos Friends Of The Animals has had the support of the Fondation Brigitte Bardot which is based in France and works throughout the world to promote animal rights and to make a better life for animals that live freely without human intervention and support. The help the fondation has given Milos is to sterilize stray cats and dogs.

Over our history we have sterilized nearly three thousand street cats and about one hundred dogs. Along with the help of Fondation Brigitte Bardot veterinary surgeons from Greek Animal Welfare Fund have performed the operations.

Up until five years ago we used to pay for vets to come from Worldwide Veterinary.

The Hellenic Animal Welfare Society in Athens first visited to help our strays over 25 years ago. Many street animals went on the have a happier and longer life because of this. During this time The Violet Davies Animal Nursing Home also supported us along with The Jeanne Marchig Fund. Then Greek Animal Welfare Fund (Animal Action) made visits for stray animals and an equine programme for donkeys and mules. Their vets were sponsored by Brigitte Bardot Foundation. In recent years we thank the Greek Cat Society (U.K.) for pharmacy donated and Brigitte Bardot Foundation in France.